Blog Comments

  1. Comment 1 is a 1/5 because she used words that you would use when you are texting people. She also wasn’t very specific in what she liked about the post.
  2. Comment 2 is a 4/5 because she was specific and she said what she liked about the post. She also had some good questions for the post.
  3. Comment is a 3/5  I liked how she said she liked the book, she said I will let you know when I have finished even though I don’t think everyone wants to know that.
  4. Comment 4 is a 1/5 because I don’t think she needed to add soooooooo. I also feel that she hasn’t edited the comment enough. She didn’t need to write her name at the end.
  5. Comment 5 was a 3/5 because I don’t think he needed to write who he was writing to and his name at the end.
  6. Comment 6 is a 1/5 because she didn’t write about the post. She also used slang and the comment wasn’t long enough.
  7. Comment 7 is a 2/5 because it wasn’t long enough and it wasn’t very specific.
  8. Comment 8 is a 2/5 I don’t think that she was writing about the post that the other person posted about


Question 2 is the most helpful because she has some good question for the post.

Question 6 is the least helpful because she was talking about her sister instead of the post.

200 word challenge

It was a misty afternoon on Friday. I was just sitting on the couch, bored out of my mind. All of a sudden it started to snow! I ran outside as fast as leopard. It was the first time I have ever seen snow in 7 years. The snow felt cold, however I didn’t care. I decided to go a bit further in the forest, since I wanted to see how deep the snow would go. I left a path of sticks and leafs so I would know how to get back to the cabin. As soon as I was walking back home it started snowing really heavily. I started to get worried that my sticks are going to get covered by the snow. After I was about to get back I realised i took a wrong turn. I didn’t know what to do! I thought I was going to be stuck in the snow forever, until I saw footsteps in the snow. There was an old lady who asked if if I was lost. “Yes” I said. She told me to follow her and even though I know not to follow strangers. I followed and she led me home!